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Lines and Blocks is lead by experienced professionals practicing kitchen making for more than a decade. We essentially believe in investing a lot of time and effort in training and grooming our manpower. We appreciate the fact that this business is highly specification oriented in nature and hence we train to grow an eye for detail.

Our 1500 sq. ft showroom is well equipped and furnished with six spectacular designer kitchens. From contemporary to classic, from jazzy to simplistic we have it all for display. We are fully aware that the product we are selling is conceptual in nature, therefore we believe in enhancing our skills and technological backups for three dimensional simulation of your kitchen to enable smooth visualization. We are committed to deliver our promises on time and exceed customer's expectations on quality of products and services.

We aim to make creating a kitchen a joyful experience. After all, it's one of the most important in a home, the place where the family gathers and the shared pleasure of dining begins. Kitchens are designed to ensure that customers get the perfect kitchen for their needs. We provide solutions that enhance and satisfy the latest trends in the kitchen industry. We believe that your kitchen is an extension of your personality, and so your kitchen should also be just the way you are – Stylish, Smart and Advanced. We balance your requirements with our creativity to bring customized lifestyle kitchen designs only for you. And our guarantee of a lifetime's support means that it will continue to be so for decades to come.

We specialize in planning and taking a holistic approach to the process of design, taking into account the client needs as well as the possibilities of the space. Kitchens are made to measure so that every centimeter of space is used. As part of our service, you will be provided with the 3D views of your design.
"Think of your dream kitchen and the answer is Lines and Blocks. I just purchased a house in resale and I wanted to renew the kitchen as per my requirement. I wanted the kitchen should be spacious and comfortable enough to move while cooking and also good amount of storage capacity as well. It also reflects yourself. Lines and Blocks helped me to make my new kitchen, I just have to tell them about my requirement and everything was done so perfectly like right from "how the platform should be till the minute things like handles". I do not have to run places for that, everything was under one roof and I got quality work done for me without any load or tension. Also the things were done within the time limit and no delay at all. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Ms. Kavita and also Sheetal for giving me my dream kitchen. It was a wonderfull experience working with them."
-- Reshma Dhone

About a year back myself & Prashant decided to finally get our house done & we started sketching our ideas. I waited for about 7yrs from the time we bought our house in Palm Court as I always had this "dream kitchen" in mind.....which would be different , vibrant , out of the box as well as practical & user friendly. We walked into lines & blocks very incidently just with a thought of doing some survey & checking out of different ideas. The sample kitchens in your shop looked quite elegant , stylish , simple yet very classy. The whole look & feel very much drew our attention & we decided to have a meeting again very casually with a thought of just checking out what will fit our budget. As we went on with the discussions & brainstorming, we realised that you all could actually visualise our dreams & needs...........we could have never thought that we shall come up with such a wonderful plan which could actually fit our budget !!!! The execution too was very organised & timely , product quality is excellent .Soon I could see my dream kitchen turning into reality !!!!! We would like to truly thank you for your ideas , expertise & most importantly the time invested by you in understanding our needs.
-- Neelam Mantri

I had long been delaying renovating my kitchen.....merely the thought of supervising the workmanship for your dream kitchen along with your job was a real taxing one. Then one day I walked into Lines and Blocks...I was in awe of the kitchens there....I spent substantial time in discussing my requirements post a few follow up mtgs the design was finalised. And alas the day the kitchen was to be started in my non occupied home I fractured my leg and was reluctant to start the work. Kavita assured me they be permitted to start work and assured me the kitchen would turn out to be as per plan.I finally gave in. She completed the kitchen and I went to see the kitchen still three weeks later. Voila !! The kitchen was perfectly done as discussed......what a pleasant surprise and relief !!....Hats off to L§B
-- Deepali Dharwadker